several oysters on fire kettle grill

Swine & Wine: The Barnsley Experience

October 15, 2021

Prepare for a weekend of sumptuous wines, mouthwatering pork dishes, and more, all at Swine & Wine Weekend at Barnsley Resort. From cooking classes and wine tastings to live music and games, the most important item on the menu is an unforgettable experience.

Take a wine tour around the world with the first event of the long-weekend: a tasting hosted by none other than International Five Star Sommelier Heath Porter of Heathen Wine Tasting. From the dry to the sweet, you’ll be sure to find a new pour to love—and an even more expansive palate to take home.

Get a taste of what authentic outdoor cooking looks like with the open-fire class, where grilled smoke pork sausage, charred escarole, and caper-green onion salsa is prepared over a Sea Island Forge fire kettle—paired with the perfect wine on the side, of course. You’ll be ready to start your own outdoor grilling adventure before the class ends.

The Swine & Wine experience isn’t complete without the true snout-to-tail experience, however. Head to the signature final event where Renowned Pitmaster Carey Bringle of Nashville's Peg Leg Porker prepares a veritable feast by roasting an entire hog alongside wine pairings selected by Heath Porter. Set against the setting sun on the Manor House Ruins, the barbeque is the perfect finale to an exceptional weekend spent celebrating the art of pork and cork.