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Barnsley's Southern-Fried Quail Gets a French Twist

January 15, 2021

First, Lebas preps his meal by creating a fresh apple slaw and a sweet glaze made with roasted red bell pepper and sorghum syrup.
Once the quail has been rinsed and dried, he stuffs it with cold apple slaw and wraps it in plastic wrap like a sausage. Using a sous-vide technique from his French motherland, he cooks the bird at 150°F for two hours then sets it in ice water. (You can similarly steam or poach the quail using the same plastic wrap method if you do not possess a sous-vide circulator.)
Once cool, the quail is unwrapped from the plastic, submerged in buttermilk, tossed in a cornflake flour, then fried in canola oil at 350°F until golden brown and finished in the oven by baking at 350°F for 8 minutes.
Finally, Lebas skillfully presents his creation with a generous drizzle of red bell pepper glaze on the plate, cuts the fried quail in half, and garnishes it with a fennel frond salad.

You can read the full recipe at Garden & Gun and bring the taste of Barnsley to your own table! And if you're planning on staying with us soon, make a reservation for an elevated wingshooting experience at our Beretta Shooting Grounds.