ariel shot of ruins

Barnsley’s Fairytale Villa

July 01, 2019

An oasis of Southern splendor, Barnsley Resort is the perfect getaway destination for the elite traveler who loves a mix of the rustic and the refined. Not only will you have the opportunity to indulge in the region’s finest horseback riding, golfing, shooting, and hiking, you’ll also be invited to tour the remnants of the regal 19th-century manor house that Godfrey Barnsley built for his beloved wife Julia. The Manor House Ruins (originally known as Woodlands) is an Italianate villa that seems lifted right out of a fairytale. Lush greenery grows along the exterior and interior villa walls (the roof was completely removed by a tornado in 1906) and the Barnsley Museum, situated in the home’s once bustling kitchen wing, presents guests with a fascinating combination of Barnsley Family memorabilia and other historical artifacts. The Manor House Ruins and Museum are open almost every day from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Guests of the resort enjoy complimentary admission.