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Quail Season Begins with John Burrell’s High Adventure Company & the Beretta Shooting Grounds

December 02, 2019

For over a quarter-century, John Burrell’s High Adventure Company has pioneered elite hunting expeditions across multiple continents, from Argentina to South Africa to South Dakota. Italian firearms manufacturer Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta is one of the most exclusive makers of sporting arms in the world. At Barnsley Resort, we’re thrilled to partner with both John Burrell and Beretta to bring you a shooting experience that’s second to none. The Beretta Shooting Grounds at Barnsley provides guests with 3000 acres of pristine woodland hunting terrain. Shooting enthusiasts will be especially excited to learn that quail season has just started, and the Beretta Shooting Grounds offer two outstanding quail hunting options from John Burrell’s High Adventure Company, a half-day hunt, and a full-day hunt, which yield approximately 10 and 20 quails per hunter, respectively. Join us and see for yourself why Vincent Hancock, two-time Olympic gold winner in skeet shooting, calls the Beretta Shooting Grounds a “secluded paradise” that “may just be my new favorite place to visit.”