Caesar Guerini Wings & Clays School

Together with the leading manufacturer of Italian-made over and under shotguns, the Caesar Guerini Wings & Clays School is based at SpringBank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort, offering a world-class shooting experience.

With a personal approach, each instruction school is offered in a one- or two-day session, depending upon each individual's schedule and shooting needs. Any experience level shooter, from the first-time "shotgunner" to the experienced upland bird hunter and clay target enthusiast, receives personal attention and instruction from our certified instructors. Regardless of skill level, an instinctive approach to shot-gunning allows each student to develop his or her natural style during the lessons, which always emphasizes the fundamentals in a relaxed setting tailored to each student's pace.

Each school includes a short classroom session before moving to the shooting grounds. During hunting season, quail shooting can be incorporated into the school. Caesar Guerini shotguns are available for rent, or participants may bring their own.

The staff of NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) certified instructors keep the ratio of student to instructor to a 4:1 ratio, ensuring that each student has personal attention. Every effort is made to group shooters according to ability to ensure all can progress at an even pace. 

Skip Smith, NSCA Level III Instructor

The instruction is led by Skip Smith, an NSCA Level III instructor with more than 15 years of professional teaching experience. With more than 35 years of experience, Skip Smith is also the Director of SpringBank Sporting Club at Barnsley Resort. In this position, he is responsible for the sporting clays course, 1,800-acre hunting plantation, Caesar Guerini Wings & Clays School, private and group shooting lessons, and outdoor resort activities such as fishing and horseback riding.

Mr. Smith has been teaching shotgun shooting since 1995. He is certified via the National Sporting Clays Association as a Level III instructor, one of approximately 70 in the United States. Read his complete bio for more information.

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